Psyker Staking

Psyker has allocated initial token supply for $PSYK Token (1,000,000 $PSYK) to Keycard holders who are staking. We want to incentivize early adopters by allowing them to pre-mine a portion (or all) of the initial rewards token supply via NFT Keycard and NFT Hideout staking until Open Beta Launch. The stakers will earn a pre-PSYK token (Locked Reward) that will be redeemed for PSYK token 1:1 after Open Beta Launch.

10,500 total NFTs can be staked (Keycards and Hideouts) with 6 rarities (reward levels). Earning a minimum of 1 per day. Stakers need at least 1 Keycard staked in order to stake Hideouts.

Keycard & Hideout Reward Rate:

  • Common: 1 $PSYK/Day

  • Uncommon: 1.1 $PSYK/Day

  • Rare: 1.2 $PSYK/Day

  • Epic: 1.3 $PSYK/Day

  • Legendary: 1.4 $PSYK/Day

  • Mythic: 1.5 $PSYK/Day

No halving mechanism, rewards will extinguish once 1,000,000 tokens have been mined before TGE. The rewards pool and staking will be reconfigured for future releases.

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