Durability System

  • For 5 Equipped items on character. Minimum durability for a player is 150, max is 500.
  • All items take damage equally based on their rarity.
  • You cannot sell an item if it has any durability missing.
  • If an item is under 50% durability, the player loses 50% of attribute bonus. Ex: 5 strength axe becomes 2.5 strength
  • if an item is under 25% durability, the player loses the items contribution to stamina level.


5 common items = 150 total durability, player loses 15 per loss, loses 5 per win
1 Mythic item, 4 common items = 220 total durability, player loses 17 per loss, 5 per win
Repair Cost:
$PSYK tokens (Amounts TBD)