Stamina System*

*Applies to Play and Earn only for earning loot boxes


Unlock 1 character when you begin your experience in Psyker. Each character has 5 item slots, adding items to your characters slots goes towards your energy/stamina level. Players can only P2E when they are fully equipped with 5 items.

Example 1: fully dressed street thug (5 items) = stamina 2

Example 2: full dressed street thug (5 items) & partially dressed cyborg (2 items) = stamina 2

Example 3: fully dressed street thug (5 items) & Fully dressed cyborg ( 5 items) = stamina 6

Equipping characters with full inventories dictates your earning level? If you have a complete loadout for the street thug you earn at the first level, users will be able to dress their characters

Stamina Base Recharge Time: 5 hours

Additional Stamina (Cumulative) is given to users for higher Quality weapons & armour:

  1. Owning an common Weapon / Armour: 0 Stamina bonus (apart from total)

  2. Owning an uncommon Weapon / Armour: +1 Stamina

  3. Owning an rare Weapon / Armour: +2 Stamina

  4. Owning an epic Weapon / Armour: +3 Stamina

  5. Owning an legendary Weapon / Armour: +4 Stamina

  6. Owning an Mythic Weapon / Armour: +5 Stamina

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