Key Cards are the way to enter the Psykerverse. Keycard holder benefits include: closed technical/alpha/beta access, DAO membership, and a genesis character loadout (5 Additional NFT's for every Key card Holders, 1 from each category - Weapons, Head, Chest, Arms, Legs.)

These load outs will be unlocked via minting unlock for each individual item.

The items contained in these key cards each have a certain category, rarity, and stat roll.

Key Card - Meta Data Include's a rarity level and item type:

  • Mythic

  • Legendary

  • Epic

  • Rare

  • Uncommon

  • Common

Each of the item types:

  • Weapons

  • Character Items (Head, Chest, Legs, Arms)

Keycard Staking

Psyker has allocated initial token supply for $PSYK Token (1,000,000 $PSYK) to Keycard holders who are staking. We want to incentivize early adopters by allowing them to pre-mine a portion (or all) of the initial rewards token supply via NFT Keycard and NFT Hideout staking until Open Beta Launch.

The stakers will earn a pre-PSYK token (Locked Reward) that will be redeemed for PSYK token 1:1 after Open Beta Launch.

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