Pre-Alpha Controls

Fighting Mechanics

Movement: Left Stick

→ Forward, ← Backward, ↑ Jump, ↗ Jump forward, ↖ Jump backward, ↓ Crouch

  • Forward: Goes towards the opponent.

  • Back: Moves away from the opponent.

  • Jump: The character can approach or move away from the opponent more quickly.

  • Crouch: Can be used to dodge the opponent's high attacks. The character cannot move while crouched.

  • A character can NOT move from one side of the screen to the other.

Action: 4 action buttons + 1 Psyker Mode button.

  • Button #1 - Basic Attack - Weapon Hit - (Basic 3 Step Combo) - No Cooldown

  • Button #2 - Basic attack -attack with a kick or whatever corresponds (tail, tentacle, etc.) depending on the character- (also performs a 3-step combo) - No Cooldown

  • Combos: Landing 3 hits in a row with Button #1 or Button #2 or any combination of them executes a 3-Step Combo. Once the combo is complete, the opponent will fall to the ground.

  • Even if the player attacks the air, the attacks are executed, the combo is still executed.

  • The combos are composed of a high blow (to the head), a medium one, and a low one.

The next attack in a Combo always does more damage than the previous hit. You could finish the combo with a spectacular-looking fourth hit.

  • After a successful hit, the opponent can take cover and cut off the combo be it the first or second attack.

Special Attacks: Charge over time. Once the attack is charged, it can be activated. Depending on the intelligence attribute of the character, the charging time may be less.

  • Special Attack #1 (Short Cooldown) - Ranged attack. Ex. Hadoken - Ryu, Street Fighter - Depending on the intelligence attribute of the character, the loading time may be less.

    • This attack should be slow, do little damage, and be easy to dodge. But when it hits, it opens a window (stun?) so we can get closer and attack without risk.

    • This attack has a high recovery.

  • Special Attack #2 (Medium Cooldown) Powerful melee attack. Eg Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (hurricane kick) Depending on the intelligence attribute of the character, the charging time may be less.

    • This attack does a lot of damage and knocks down the opponent.

    • This attack has a high recovery.

Fighter Stats

Stats: Each fighter has 5 different stats, which determine his combat style.

  • Intelligence (Lower cooldown on special attacks and Psyker Mode)

  • Strength (Increases damage)

  • Mobility (Increases movement speed)

  • Discipline (Increases attack speed)

  • Vitality (Increases life)

Each character stat varies from 1 to 10 Each equipable item has one of these stats, which is a bonus to the fighter's base stats. The degree of bonus increases depending on the rarity of the item.

Distribution of base Stats of a character.

Star cap per base stat: 3 stars Maximum of stars to distribute by adding the base stat plus the equipped items: 10 stars


Rounds: initially a fight has two Rounds, in case each fighter wins one, is defined in a third. It's the best of the three.

Time: 60 seconds per round, if time runs out and both fighters have the same amount of life, it is tied. If one fighter has more life than the other, he wins.

The fighter's health is represented by a bar graph (container) at the top of the screen. When receiving damage, the content of this bar (health) decreases. When it is completely emptied, the fighter loses the Round. Each attack, upon contact, consumes a fixed percentage of the opponent's health bar, even if it has been blocked.


Mechanics of how to implement the 360° camera in the game:

After receiving a strong attack and the character falls to the ground, he can roll to the right or left (character view) ↑ - ↓ to use the 360° environment (during the roll the character will be immune ), and without losing the advantages of a normal fighting game (jumping and crouching).

Pressing any hit button will cause the character to stand up in place without a roll. When a character is cornered on the edge of a stage the camera starts to rotate

Knockdown the opponent: From the third attack of a combo. Special attack #2.

Game Modes

PVE Story Experience

Stage-based story-driven events.15 stages of bosses to go through to beat the story mode.

PVP & PVE Arcade Experience

Go head to head with other players or AI in matches and fight.

PVP Ranked Seasonal Ladder & Rankings

Each season (every 3-4 months)there will be a climbable leaderboard based on ELO rating of players.

Degen Mode

Wager style PvP one-off brawl matches. Link up with other players through the menu matchmaking or directly confronting them in the social space and wager your character's NFTs as prize pool. These are high stakes high reward matches for the hardcore players or the degens that want a rush.

Social Space

An open world environment where players use their characters in third person to interact with NPCs, vendors, and players. Collect lore, easter eggs, and challenges to perform. Find players to brawl or form clans with. Access your hideouts and matchmaking via the social space instead of the main menu.

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